The Minority Report and The Final Cut

I recently came across Philip K. Dick. He is an amazing writer. If you have ever seen Blade Runner, The Minority Report, or A Scanner Darkly, then you have seen his work. Those movies were all based on his writing.
Yesterday, I read The Minority Report. My recommendation to you is to get a copy of it and read it. It’s less than 30 pages. You can read that much, I promise. The story is truly something.

On a similar note, check out The Final Cut. It is a movie that came out in 2004, starring Robin Williams.
Here is a plot summary from IMDB:

“In a near undefined future, people may have a Zoe microchip implanted in their nervous system to permit their families retrieve the best moments of their memories and watch on video after their deaths. This process is called “Rememory” and Alan H. Hakman (Robin Williams), a man traumatized by an incident in his childhood, is the best cutter of the Eye Tech Corporation. The company is facing groups that oppose to the “Rememory” and the ex-cutter Fletcher (Jim Caviezel) is leading these opponents. When Alan is assigned to prepare the final cut of the memories of the Eye Tech lawyer Charles Bannister, his Zoe chip is disputed by Fletcher. Meanwhile, Alan finds that he has also an implanted microchip, which is against the rules of a cutter.”






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