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  • Derek Olson Is Addicted To Ableton Live

    It is true, Derek finally got the Live bug. For a long time now, I have been a Logic guy. I started using Logic Express back in 2006. It was about the time I was in my recording class at Tulsa Tech. I remember the feeling of not knowing a single thing about this monstrosity, this multi-colored beast up on my screen. Let me tell you all about it…

  • Jailbreak iPhone 4.0 – Why I Still Jailbreak

    I have been Jailbreaking since I got my iPhone 3G. I patiently await for the hackers to jailbreak the latest update. It’s always been for two reasons: to customize the look of my iPhone, and the jailbroken apps that help me do things quicker. You see, I’m one of those mac guys who is fanatical […]

  • I’m So Crazy That I Need a Computer Therapist

    If you have read my posts or know me in person, you already know I am one of the ‘weird ones.’ But, the price of therapy is too much for me to pay. Or maybe I just don’t feel like it. My computer does a lot for me. Its like a little attachment to my […]

  • The Whole Internet

    Do you want to know what the whole internet looks like? Head over to this site to view a map of all IP addresses. Its similar to Google Maps, but using IPs and not geographical data.

  • The Minority Report and The Final Cut

    I recently came across Philip K. Dick. He is an amazing writer. If you have ever seen Blade Runner, The Minority Report, or A Scanner Darkly, then you have seen his work. Those movies were all based on his writing. Yesterday, I read The Minority Report. My recommendation to you is to get a copy […]

  • Why Firebug Is THE Best Extension I Have Ever Used

    Well, I can’t really decide if it is THE best. But I use it all the time for debugging my sites. I know it has saved me hours of html/css induced pain and agony. You can get it here. Its just this little thing that goes in the bottom of Firefox. If you are ever […]

  • The First Time I Geeked Out

    I was just thinking. About the first time I ever geeked out. It was on this mac. It was still dad’s computer at that time. I came upstairs and sat down on this new leather chair dad bought. I think he got it so he could sit and be comfortable as he geeked out. Well, […]