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Derek Olson Is Addicted To Ableton Live

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

It is true, Derek finally got the Live bug.
For a long time now, I have been a Logic guy. I started using Logic Express back in 2006. It was about the time I was in my recording class at Tulsa Tech.

I remember the feeling of not knowing a single thing about this monstrosity, this multi-colored beast up on my screen.

One night, I gathered my gear (Presonus Firepod, Laptop, Logic Express) and my bandmates. We piled into the spare bedroom at our drummer’s house.

This room was ready for mayhem, with its walls covered in airplane insulation and old carpeting. As I think back, I realise this probably helped very little. But, I guess everyone has to tack carpet to the wall at some point in their musical life.

The band was fired up, and so was the gear. The songwriting was done, and we had practiced many, many times.

The mic’s are placed, their cables running back to the corner where I am with my laptop.

I open Logic Express. The monster stares me down, but I am confident I can topple her. (more…)

Jailbreak iPhone 4.0 – Why I Still Jailbreak

Friday, September 24th, 2010

I have been Jailbreaking since I got my iPhone 3G. I patiently await for the hackers to jailbreak the latest update. It’s always been for two reasons: to customize the look of my iPhone, and the jailbroken apps that help me do things quicker.
You see, I’m one of those mac guys who is fanatical about Quicksilver. I do so many things with Quicksilver. It’s all the everyday little things that you have to do, I can do them quicker with a few keystrokes.
I’m the same way with my iPhone. I jailbroke it up to 4.0 the other day. I’m still waiting for iRealQuickSMS to update; I loved that app. It gave me the ability to send and receive txt messages on my lockscreen. Huge time saver.

What I still use for looks: Five Icon Dock
Five Icon Springboard
Categories and Categories SB (in addition to the new folders)

For speed, I use qtweeter and Snappy.

Snappy is awesome, it allows you to use your camera while you use any other app. You can even use your camera from the lockscreen. It’s the coolest jailbroken app I have seen in a long time. So much better than before. It seems the regular camera app included with the iPhone takes way too long to open. It’s very frustrating to miss a photo opportunity.

Those are the reasons I’m still jailbreaking. It does seem that Apple may eventually have everything I want, and then I won’t have to hack it up. We’ll see…

I’m So Crazy That I Need a Computer Therapist

Wednesday, March 26th, 2008

If you have read my posts or know me in person, you already know I am one of the ‘weird ones.’ But, the price of therapy is too much for me to pay. Or maybe I just don’t feel like it.

My computer does a lot for me. Its like a little attachment to my brain. And, now I know how to make it listen to me like a therapist would.

In the Mac Terminal (or at any command line), type emacs, hit Enter, press Escape, type “xdoctor” (no quotes).
What you get: An interactive dialogue with a shrink named Eliza. To get out of it, hit Control+X Control+C.

Try it out. You know you need the help…

The Whole Internet

Sunday, March 23rd, 2008

Do you want to know what the whole internet looks like? Head over to this site to view a map of all IP addresses. Its similar to Google Maps, but using IPs and not geographical data.

The Minority Report and The Final Cut

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

I recently came across Philip K. Dick. He is an amazing writer. If you have ever seen Blade Runner, The Minority Report, or A Scanner Darkly, then you have seen his work. Those movies were all based on his writing.
Yesterday, I read The Minority Report. My recommendation to you is to get a copy of it and read it. It’s less than 30 pages. You can read that much, I promise. The story is truly something.

On a similar note, check out The Final Cut. It is a movie that came out in 2004, starring Robin Williams.
Here is a plot summary from IMDB:

“In a near undefined future, people may have a Zoe microchip implanted in their nervous system to permit their families retrieve the best moments of their memories and watch on video after their deaths. This process is called “Rememory” and Alan H. Hakman (Robin Williams), a man traumatized by an incident in his childhood, is the best cutter of the Eye Tech Corporation. The company is facing groups that oppose to the “Rememory” and the ex-cutter Fletcher (Jim Caviezel) is leading these opponents. When Alan is assigned to prepare the final cut of the memories of the Eye Tech lawyer Charles Bannister, his Zoe chip is disputed by Fletcher. Meanwhile, Alan finds that he has also an implanted microchip, which is against the rules of a cutter.”

Why Firebug Is THE Best Extension I Have Ever Used

Thursday, January 10th, 2008

Well, I can’t really decide if it is THE best. But I use it all the time for debugging my sites. I know it has saved me hours of html/css induced pain and agony. You can get it here. Its just this little thing that goes in the bottom of Firefox. If you are ever working on a website, or want to know how someone made their site, get it. It will rock your web-world.

The First Time I Geeked Out

Saturday, January 5th, 2008

I was just thinking. About the first time I ever geeked out. It was on this mac. It was still dad’s computer at that time. I came upstairs and sat down on this new leather chair dad bought. I think he got it so he could sit and be comfortable as he geeked out. Well, one day, he wasn’t using it. So I had it. I opened up an app called Comic Life. It came with the mac, and it lets you make your own comics out of pics and thought bubbles and action noises, etc. Really fun program. But I needed some pics to put in it. So, I opened up the Photo Booth app. I used the built-in camera on the computer to take pics of myself. Once I did that, I put them in to Comic Life.

That was sometime in the summer of 06. Now, I am a bona fide geek. Only a year and a half later, and I probably could have graduated from geek college if i had gone.

It all started with something so simple. And now, I actually think that source code makes for a good read. What happened?