Bishop Allen – Double Dose of SOTD

SOTD – Mon, March 31

I am feeling very generous. I want to give you a double dose of one of my favorite bands. If you like them, here is the wiki, which will explain their backstory and whatnot.  The band is made up of Justin Rice and Christian Rudder, as well as various other musicians.

To start off, listen to this song: Click Click Click Click

[audio:01 Click Click Click Click.mp3]

And now, check out ‘Butterfly Nets,’ which includes the beautiful vocals of a girl named Darbie.

[audio:01 Butterfly Nets.mp3]






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  1. t palm Avatar
    t palm

    i really like the click lick lick lick song. the butterfly one didnt get me as much. her voice seemed far away. she was probably high

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