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  • Mastering Comparisons

    Check out these before and afters to hear how mastering can enhance a final mix. Skip to the middle of each to hear the contrast in the final product. Do you have a song you would like to work on together? Please fill out the form on the mastering page. Hip Hop track

  • Anything You Want

    Here is a new ambient track for you. I’ve been playing with lots of reverb and delay. I love attempting to capture a mood, and making it into music. Let me know what you think!   Derek Olson · Anything You Want

  • Me in 10 seconds

    I’m a musician, a computer nerd, and on observer of human nature. I’m an introvert – INTJ Here’s what I’m doing now.  

  • Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind

    Positioning — The Battle For Your Mind by Jack Trout and Al Ries   I have long heard how good this book is. Yet, I only just now read it. I should have read it ages ago. It is brief, and it so clearly shows how you should position your business or product. We all […]

  • Anything You Want by Derek Sivers

    I really enjoyed this short read. It’s an encouraging book. Derek has a way of getting to the core of what your problems are. Do you really need a business plan? Do you really need to do things the way everyone else does? Isn’t there some other way? Here are my notes from the book: […]

  • My Favorite Strategy from Sun Tzu

    My favorite bit of counsel from Sun Tzu’s Art of War, is about strategic positioning. Section IV: Tactical Dispositions 1. Sun Tzu said: The good fighters of old first put themselves beyond the possibility of defeat, and then waited for an opportunity of defeating the enemy. 2. To secure ourselves against defeat lies in our […]

  • Willie Nelson’s Beloved Guitar: “Trigger”

    I love the story of Trigger, Willie Nelson’s guitar. It embodies the connection between player and guitar. It’s a long-term relationship; and a serious one too. I enjoyed this Rolling Stone video about Willie and his prized guitar: I especially like the story of the hole in the soundboard, and what they did about it. […]

  • Roland Blues Cube Combo

    These Roland guitar amps just hit my awareness today. I’m interested because I like the sound it works to imitate. And, it has solid state reliability. I had to share this video from Anderton Music. Rob Chapman and Lee Anderton put the amp through a series of tests. I think you’ll agree: the sounds are […]

  • Should Depression Be Called Melancholia?

    A good question: Should depression be called melancholia? Or perhaps something else? What’s wrong with the term depression? I read William Styron’s Darkness Visible. In it, he discusses his dealings with severe depression. He was able to recover after almost seven weeks in the hospital. It’s worth reading his story, as he has insights into the […]

  • The Bullet Journal Helps Me Everyday

    I’ve been journaling for years, and I thought I had a good system down. I take lots of notes and write about all kinds of things. What I lacked: a way to track if I was doing the right things each day. I could sort of do that, but I had to flip through pages, […]