The Bullet Journal Helps Me Everyday

I’ve been journaling for years, and I thought I had a good system down. I take lots of notes and write about all kinds of things.

What I lacked: a way to track if I was doing the right things each day. I could sort of do that, but I had to flip through pages, since it was all spread out.

I recently found the Bullet Journal, thanks to my dad. Its a great system for keeping track of everything. I can even add things as I think of them, rather than having to brain dump all at once, hoping that I got it all.

Whether you write often or not, you will quickly see how this system can help you stay organized. A key element of ‘organized,’ is tracking. That’s what this system excels at.

Watch the video at

then go to the getting started page:

to see how you can start now with any notebook you have.