MainStage 3 Is A Guitarist’s Dream

If you’re a guitarist who owns a Mac, then you should buy MainStage 3 right now.

Here’s why:

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  • The amp models and effects will make your mouth water!If you can think of a cool sound, you can make it in here. Easily.


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  • Every little piece of your signal chain can be dialed in, using the on-screen controls. Better still, a midi foot controller or USB keyboard can be mapped to these controls. That’s where the magic really happens!


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  • MainStage 3 is very easy to setup. In fact, its a breeze. Just use the presets at first to understand how it works. Then tweak it to what you like.


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  • You can record your ideas on it.
    Granted, it isn’t a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation; i.e. Logic Pro/Pro Tools) with lots of editing ability. But you can record to a file, then use that later in any DAW you like.


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  • Use it as your live rig.
    This is the whole purpose of MS3. Is it scary to think of using your laptop as the brains of your guitar tone? You might worry about latency, dropped audio, and every possible technical malfunction. That’s understandable. But, it’s not that big of a concern anymore. MainStage is now 64-bit, and even with lots of plugins going, it never failed me.


As far latency goes, I used to have some trouble with that on the previous version. Latency is just a non-issue with MS3.

So, use your laptop for all your sounds. You will have naysayers tell you why that is stupid. They will come up with a variety of reasons. Just smile, and enjoy your great tone.

Great Tone That Costs Just $29.99!!

That is really a low price for all this. You get over 30 GBs of optional extras for free with the purchase. Extras like loops and software instruments.


Can that laptop really make sounds like a great amp could? I believe so.

A true test of both amps and distortion boxes is: How touch sensitive is it?
Meaning, if you play with a soft touch, does the sound become cleaner and more pristine?
Then, when you really dig in with the pick, does the sound contain more edge or bite?

It should. Otherwise, you won’t have much expression in your playing.

MS3 is touch sensitive. That’s what shocks me about it, because we’re talking about fully digital equipment here. I thought all of us guitarists had to have only analog equipment, otherwise our sound will be cold and lifeless. “You gotta have tube amps, man.”

Not so.
It’s okay to be digital.






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