Kaizen, or Continuous Improvement

Kaizen is a Japanese word that means ‘continuous improvement.’ Kaizen incapsulates in one word a very big idea.

I first heard it years ago, from Perry Marshall. He described getting only 1% better at something everyday, and how those small improvements lead to massive growth. Thanks to compounding, you would double after 72 days of only 1% improvement.

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kai – means ‘change’

zen – means ‘good’


How can you apply it to your personal life?

List the things you want to improve. You can apply kaizen by measuring your progress in those areas, everyday. This will help on those projects or goals that require a long time to complete; i.e. weight loss or learning a language.

It helps with expectations. Small growth is realistic. Kaizen means focusing on what you can improve that day, and less on the giant overall goal.