Davenport Cabinet

“I surrender… to the stereo…”
What a great line to start this song with. It fits so well atop the main guitar riff, you couldn’t ask for more.

Davenport Cabinet is a side project of Travis Stever, of Coheed and Cambra.

I’ve listened to his album Nostalgia in Stereo a few times now, and it really is good stuff. The title track is very very stick in my head.

Lots of acoustic mixed with electric, guitar solos, and an instrumental track with some slide guitar.

Wikipedia claims this project is similar to Claudio Sanchez’s The Prize Fighter Inferno. I don’t see them as that similar. Prize Fighter has more electronic elements imo. Some of the Davenport Cabinet tracks have a very prog-rock feel to them. Maybe someone was listening to Yes. But they are both great projects, so go get it all. Close your eyes and listen.

Oh, check out this video. A great idea for a video, without having to spend billions. Its made of fan submitted footage, put together by Travis’ cousin Sky.
Good good good…





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