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Jailbreak iPhone 4.0 – Why I Still Jailbreak

Friday, September 24th, 2010

I have been Jailbreaking since I got my iPhone 3G. I patiently await for the hackers to jailbreak the latest update. It’s always been for two reasons: to customize the look of my iPhone, and the jailbroken apps that help me do things quicker.
You see, I’m one of those mac guys who is fanatical about Quicksilver. I do so many things with Quicksilver. It’s all the everyday little things that you have to do, I can do them quicker with a few keystrokes.
I’m the same way with my iPhone. I jailbroke it up to 4.0 the other day. I’m still waiting for iRealQuickSMS to update; I loved that app. It gave me the ability to send and receive txt messages on my lockscreen. Huge time saver.

What I still use for looks: Five Icon Dock
Five Icon Springboard
Categories and Categories SB (in addition to the new folders)

For speed, I use qtweeter and Snappy.

Snappy is awesome, it allows you to use your camera while you use any other app. You can even use your camera from the lockscreen. It’s the coolest jailbroken app I have seen in a long time. So much better than before. It seems the regular camera app included with the iPhone takes way too long to open. It’s very frustrating to miss a photo opportunity.

Those are the reasons I’m still jailbreaking. It does seem that Apple may eventually have everything I want, and then I won’t have to hack it up. We’ll see…

I’m So Crazy That I Need a Computer Therapist

Wednesday, March 26th, 2008

If you have read my posts or know me in person, you already know I am one of the ‘weird ones.’ But, the price of therapy is too much for me to pay. Or maybe I just don’t feel like it.

My computer does a lot for me. Its like a little attachment to my brain. And, now I know how to make it listen to me like a therapist would.

In the Mac Terminal (or at any command line), type emacs, hit Enter, press Escape, type “xdoctor” (no quotes).
What you get: An interactive dialogue with a shrink named Eliza. To get out of it, hit Control+X Control+C.

Try it out. You know you need the help…

Using Cocoa to Build Mac Applications

Friday, January 11th, 2008

If you have ever wanted to make a mac app, then you will want to know about cocoa. This site gives some excellent tutorials on doing just that. It takes you right to the beginning, showing you how to open and use Xcode. Check it out.

Can a Programmer Like Macintosh?

Wednesday, January 9th, 2008

I saw this interesting article the other day and I thought I would share. The article comes from the site He writes about how we got PWND. I don’t like to read the windoze/mack arguments, but I read this one. And the reason its actually worth reading is because it is from a programmers point of view. His view: Yes a MacBook is expensive. But it aids a programmer because of the many great features it has. Anyways, check out the article and the long flame war that it started in the comments section.

Top 10 Mac Apps

Friday, December 21st, 2007

1. Quicksilver
Own a Mac? Then you need to get Quicksilver. It is hard to describe because it does so many things. Most of what I use it for is to open files and applications, all without having to use the Finder. The great thing about it is that there are many add-ons and plug-ins that you can get. It integrates with many other applications.

2. MacJournal
This program allows you to have multiple journals on your Mac. That is basically all it is: a journal. But that is what is so great about it. Anytime you have an idea you want to work out in your head, open MacJournal and type away. Journaling really helps when you have an idea and you need to get a better grasp of what it is and how you will implement it. It is also a great program if you want to have a personal journal for writing your feelings down. There is an option to make it password protected, so no one can see what you wrote.

3. Firefox
I recommend you get Firefox right now. If you don’t have it you are missing out. Safari is a good browser, but Firefox is great because you can install extensions. If you want it to do something special, there is probably an extension that will do it for you. The ‘theme’ of the browser is also changeable. The ‘theme’ is simply the look and feel of it; such as the colors and the way the buttons look. A highly customizable web browser. Also, check out Camino. It comes from the creators of Firefox as well.

4. KompoZer
Want a website? This is a free WYSIWIG editior for creating html pages. If you already have some knowledge of html, that can be edited too.

5. iTerm
I find myself in Terminal quite a bit. The reason I use iTerm instead of Terminal is simple: press cmd-t, and you find yourself in another tab. You can have multiple tabs open in a window. Each tab is a different session. Because, sometimes, one session is not enough. ITerm’s GUI looks good too.

6. Freemind
Freemind is a free mind-mapping application. Very simple to use. Mind mapping is another great way to get your ideas down. If you don’t already do it, check it out. There are other mind-mapping apps, but Freemind is the one I use because it is simple and free.

7. Colloquy
If you use Internet Relay Chat, you probably already know about this one. This application allows you to get on IRC and chat with your buddies or get help on different topics. Once again, this app is free. It also has a great look and feel. IRC has been around for ages, so check it out. Learn a little about it, then get Colloquy.

8. Azureus
This is the bittorrent app I like for the Mac. I have been using this one for quite a while, and it works great. There are configuration wizards that come with it, so you can have it set up and working at max speeds. It lets you selectively download certain files from the torrent.
Another bittorrent app for the Mac is Transmission. I just started using it, and I like it too. It is a simpler application in some ways, but it seems to work well. Plus it has a cool icon.

9. Google Earth
This one is fun to mess around with. It is a big application (something like a 100 MB). If you have fun with Google Maps, then you will love Google Earth. There is also a mini flight simulator, which is accessible with a little tweaking. Just a fun toy for you and your Mac.

10. KisMAC
Are you interested in WiFi? With a hotspot popping up on almost every corner and coffeehouse, you should be interested. KisMAC is based on Kismet, a popular program among Linux users. If wardriving is fun to you, you should get this one. While driving the other day, I found 43 hotspots over the course of one mile. Lots of businesses, but also plenty in neighborhoods too.