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  • Jailbreak iPhone 4.0 – Why I Still Jailbreak

    I have been Jailbreaking since I got my iPhone 3G. I patiently await for the hackers to jailbreak the latest update. It’s always been for two reasons: to customize the look of my iPhone, and the jailbroken apps that help me do things quicker. You see, I’m one of those mac guys who is fanatical […]

  • I’m So Crazy That I Need a Computer Therapist

    If you have read my posts or know me in person, you already know I am one of the ‘weird ones.’ But, the price of therapy is too much for me to pay. Or maybe I just don’t feel like it. My computer does a lot for me. Its like a little attachment to my […]

  • Using Cocoa to Build Mac Applications

    If you have ever wanted to make a mac app, then you will want to know about cocoa. This site gives some excellent tutorials on doing just that. It takes you right to the beginning, showing you how to open and use Xcode. Check it out.

  • Can a Programmer Like Macintosh?

    I saw this interesting article the other day and I thought I would share. The article comes from the site He writes about how we got PWND. I don’t like to read the windoze/mack arguments, but I read this one. And the reason its actually worth reading is because it is from a programmers […]

  • Top 10 Mac Apps

    1. Quicksilver Own a Mac? Then you need to get Quicksilver. It is hard to describe because it does so many things. Most of what I use it for is to open files and applications, all without having to use the Finder. The great thing about it is that there are many add-ons and plug-ins […]