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Aeropress Coffee Maker – My Latest Obsession

Friday, March 13th, 2015

I really love this coffee tool. I picked one up on Tuesday and have been experimenting with different brew times and all of that. Every cup has been great! The flavor is amazing.

The plunger and tube rinse off easily and quickly. I rinse, dry, then put it back on the counter for next time.

I can see it would travel well too, there is not much to it. I wouldn’t think of taking my Keurig with me on the road, but with this I would try packing it.

I heard about the Aeropress (~$30) through Tim Ferriss. He describes it as part-bicycle pump and part-french press. That description made me laugh, so I had to check the product out.

Here is one of Tim’s videos sharing his method with the Aeropress:


I’m no coffee snob, but I drink lots of it throughout the day. And this is a great product for everyday use.